Enter to win free Castaloy: Cast Iron Repair Rods

Bradshaw Consulting, the parent company of Castaloy, would like to offer a chance to win free product. That is right, 100% free, we will even pay for the shipping. From time to time we will select a person or organization to receive our product, we will contact you via email.  It will come from your account in our system.

In order to qualify for this free offer you just need to follow these simple steps below.

* Visit and like the Castaloy facebook page
* Share this page via social media links below.
* Signup at Castaloy.com for a free account
* Follow Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr. on Twitter
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Here is a list of other free items offered by Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. or its affiliates

Free Shipping for All Orders Over $60.00!

Shipping costs can be one of the most annoying aspects of buying online, wouldn’t you agree?

If You said “Yes,” We Have Great News for You!

Early this year the Alumaloy website got a full upgrade and announced last week Alumaloy would offer free shipping on its website.  We also completely redesigned and launched the Castaloy website earlier this year to make it more Castaloy-customer friendly, and now we’re also getting the Free shipping option for Castaloy customers as well.  This special will be expanded to the Castaloy website later this week.

In the meantime, feel free to take advantage of this new Castaloy offer, as our way of saying “Thank you for being the best customers,” by stocking up on your favorite Castaloy products — start shopping now becasue shipping is free for orders over $60!

Also remember, we have a toll free number for you to call with any questions or concerns: 1.888.516.6668

New forum installed – old forum retired

Similar to our sister website, Alumaloy.org, we have also upgraded our forum.  This was one of the features recently upgraded with the launch of our new website.  We have disabled new postings to the old forum, but plan to use that information to create informative blogs to help clients with their cast iron repair projects.  The old forum is still active and view able at the following website, http://www.castaloy.com/forum/.  You can also post inside our newer forum whenever you like!  That address is http://www.castaloy.com/forums/

New Cast Iron Website Launched!

Back in January, Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. launched a new website at alumaloy.org, the worlds leading aluminum repair website.  Well now it is our turn!  All those amazing features are located right here at our new website.  Alumaloy’s website announced the addition of new product.   Once our other site, Steelaloy, gets upgraded then new product will get added to all of our websites at the same time.

Starting today, new orders placed on this website will be done on the new system.  We are happy to provide improved customer service throughout the ordering process.  Customers will now have several options for payment as well.

  1.  Improved shopping cart for a more secure and easy to use checkout
  2. New forum with more features
  3. A blog section to showcase success stories with our product as well as helpful hints.  We plan to discuss some of the questions raised on the forum.  This was not possible in the past.
  4. A new improved newsletter