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    repairing cast iron with castaloy works!!!!

    Posted by Jeff Wilbanks on 2013-04-06, 3:01 pm

    Ok i'm here to tell you the outcome of the mack diesel engine cracked counterbore.. 1st attempt was not sucessful, but the second attempt I decided to V-Groove the problem area.. in which I am thankful for the unique flux provided by your company.. issue I think is we need non contaminated metal, by grinding the cast iron to virgin matal..... I am gratful to say........ Success. yes we have acomplished what all has told me could not be done... 15000 $ motor has been in operation for 150 hours... So I guess a compliment to you and your developers is earned..<div>I am 50 years old and still learning new tricks to my trade.... thanks again, I'll send you photos when I figure out how to make them work on your site.... Come on lets do it again and tell me it won\'t work,, we'll do it again!!!!</div><div>Remember very important when working with cast iron it\\\'s like a sponge and absorbs the chemicals that it is in contact with... clean or v-groove to clean virgin material where applicable on cast repairs... Thank you so much!!! I'll probably be ordering more supplies in future.. Have a blessed day, Jeff Wilbanks

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